Trasferimenti NCC da aereoporto a Fabulous

Rome Ciampino Airport

The airport of Rome Ciampino, is one of the most chosen airports as a base for a transfer to Fabulous Village. Dedicated to Giovan Battista Pastine, it is located just 15 kilometres from the centre of Rome, near the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA). It is located three-quarters of the way in the Municipality of Rome, while the military part of the structure is located in the municipality of Ciampino. The airport of Rome Ciampino is the second airport of the capital, after Fiumicino airport, mostly handles the traffic of low cost airlines. In fact, more than five million passengers pass through the airport every year. Today it is the base for the companies Ryanair and Wizz Air.

The airport of Rome Ciampino is composed of one and only passenger terminal on one floor, divided into departures and arrivals area. Passing through the airport and the various areas is very simple, and getting lost inside the structure is almost impossible, given its rather small size. It is also very easy to get from the airport to Camping Fabulous, given its strategic position.

Location and connections

Ciampino airport, as already mentioned, is very close to the center of the capital, so in the absence of traffic, trips to and from the city center do not take more than 20-30 minutes. Many tourists for this, and for the great presence of low cost companies choose it for their trips. The most commonly used solutions to move from the airport to Camping Fabulous are: taxi, bus (direct only to Termini Station though), and of course private shuttle. It is also possible to choose the train or metro but there are no direct connections so the journey time is much longer. Rome Ciampino airport is about 16 km from Camping Fabulous Village. This distance is covered by private shuttle transfer in just 20 minutes.

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