Fabulous Village

Fabulous Transfer

Fabulous Transfer aims to make your stay at Camping Fabulous Village simple and comfortable. Waiting for the arrival of a public transport to go to the place chosen for your holiday is always a source of stress, there is often the risk that normal taxis charge higher fares just because you are a tourist, very often making longer journeys than expected. With Fabulous Transfer you won't have these problems. Our service is transparent, efficient and above all, based on your needs.

Reservations and benefits

To ensure you the best airport transfer service, you can book your airport transfer service with us in advance, specifying the type of trip (round trip from Fabulous Village, number of passengers, timetables, and if there are small children on board. You can rest assured that our driver will be ready and waiting for you, even if your flight is delayed or arrives earlier than expected, and will also help you with your luggage.

Booking our transfer service to and from Faboulous Village is very simple and secure through our booking page (internal link). If you wish, you can also make a reservation by phone. We accept cash and credit cards and offer a great advantage: payment is made directly to the driver. Once you have completed the booking form, we will send you instant confirmation of your booking.

Our drivers

All our drivers speak English (some also speak French or German) and know how to get around Rome, avoiding the areas with the most traffic and ensuring a safe and efficient journey. You will have no communication problems, and you will reach your destination in complete safety. All our vehicles are new, no more than four years old, equipped with air conditioning, and offer maximum comfort during the journey.

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